Even though Coach Saban is talking about the generation of young athletes that he deals with, there are amazing similarities between his comments and you being able to achieve your health and fitness goals. You really don’t have many choices… it takes what it takes, and unless you are willing to do the work then you won’t get the results.


Assess your inner circle. Are the people around you helping you or hurting you? It could make all the difference in your mental health!

Listen to what WILL SMITH has to say about it below:

The lessons taught through sport are like none other! Read below to get an idea about how a country boy from Georgia worked to become a valuable member of Vince Lombardi’s Green Bay Packers – and how his views on race and ability were thrown out the window.

Too often, mental health is associated with the negative. Let’s change the outlook – think of mental health as resiliency, as an ability to improve.

Check out the video below to change your mindset.

A team of youth athlete's exploring their own self, and realizing what matters to them.

A team of youth athlete’s exploring their own self, and realizing what matters to them.

We all want our young athletes to have success and be proficient, or excel, at their sport and, for the most part, that is exactly what they want as well. Where coaches fail is in the way they allow athletes to believe that youth sports are only about sports and let them believe they are only a hockey player, football player, etc. They need to be realize that they are more than just an athlete of their chosen sport – they are a complete human being.

‘Identity foreclosure’ occurs at a time in a young person’s life when they believe they have an identity, but they haven’t explored any other options or ideas. They usually have adopted their identity from their parents or friends. This is often related to being a young athlete in a chosen sport. (“I am a hockey player”)

A team of young athletes having fun after learning more about their own health

A team of young athletes having fun after learning more about their own health

At True North Training we make it our mission to guide student athletes to a more complete image of themselves and empower them to define who they are as a person and discover what matters most to them.

TNT Athlete signing his full scholarship offer

TNT Athlete Cole Burniston signing his full scholarship offer

Using athletics and strength training as a tool for improvement, we can take them on a journey that will bring out all the amazing qualities they already have inside them in order for them to realize what they can give to the world, beyond being a good athlete. These include qualities that are not only physical but mental and emotional as well.

Through training and development with True North Training, student athletes will become healthier in mind and body while progressing in their chosen sport. With dedication and hard work, athletes who train with True North Training have earned amazing accolades in a sporting atmosphere, while also tapping into who they are as a human being. The ultimate goal is to encourage their development as a whole so that they can effectively transition from athlete to adult when that time does come.

At TNT we believe that individuals have more than one true calling and exploring their own development is the best way to discover a variety of things that they are great at!

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